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Who taught you how to throw a dick down the stairs? [entries|friends|calendar]
prince michael william downey jr

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(2 * | Blamed It On Fate

[04 Aug 2005|11:38am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so lately ive just been hanging out with keith tom andrea kat and dave having the time of my life everyday i love those guys so i fucking officially hate my parents havent talked to them in about 4 days, today im goign to see one of the mose important people in my life right now my nana then ill probably just sit at home like i usually do im going through alot of shit right now im sorry if i hurt anybody..

(1 * | Blamed It On Fate

[17 Jul 2005|07:09pm]
so life is going amazing as of now umm saturday i hung out with kristina and then yeah we umm hung out then i tried gettin a hold of dave forever and i finally did 4 minutes before andrea got here then we went to andreas for a little bit and there was a few ppl there and it was fucking sweet i had so much fun but who didnt ya know i hooked dave up with tammy and hes pretty stoked about that and then i did some shit i regret but its all good and then yeah all i remember is playing bball with tim moore for like 5 seconds and i told elaine to ask my kev who taught him how to throw a dick down the stairs and i yelled at the cat im in fire it was great then dave took me and dave back to daves house and we crashed for the nite...

(1 * | Blamed It On Fate

[14 Jul 2005|11:47am]
so lately i havent been doing much sunday i hung out with kat which was cool cause i havent seen her in forever then i called andrea cause i havent seen her in forever and her and kat were fighting so then we all make plans for another day so yeah then i dont remember what i did the rest of the nite monday i hung out with tom ryan andrea and kat again and we went to taco bell and then me and ryan went to play basketball with scott josh kevin and cody it was pretty sweet then when i got home rachel kristina and andrea came then tuesday i went and hung out with kat ryan and andrea again and yeah we went to see a movie called dark water which was terrrible it was the type of movie they should pay you to watch instead of you paying them so that was lame then wednesday was kats birthday and she was like all alone so i hung out with her for a little bit then andrea and ryan came over and we went and played pool and shit it was pretty fun and yeah thats about it niggas....

(1 * | Blamed It On Fate

[10 Jul 2005|02:34pm]
so saturday was pretty sweet i woke up bored as hell like i usually do and then i hit up my nigga kristina and we chill for like a hour or so she looks so cute in green but anyways then she goes shopping with andrea and gets like this hoodie thing without a hood but like she has one just like it so i was like whoa man then me and todd like chill i dont rememeber where and then andrea calls me and is all like whoa bitch and im like shit so they come over for a while and are all like lets go to 7 eleven so im like shit so we cruise up to 7 eleven and yeah then go back to my crib and todd leaves so me and andrea and kristina go back to andreas crib so kristina can call her mom i think then we roll up to my crib fasho and watch supertroopers for like an hour and then kat calls me at like 3 in the mornin and im like shit just when my life is gettting better this bitch calls me lol then im like alright man i guess we can hang out and then i call kristina to talk to andrea and there both sleeping so she wakes her up and shit and me and andrea have a good ass convosation nigga and yeah then i hit up my matress for some sleep on a count of i threw my bed away

(2 * | Blamed It On Fate

[09 Jul 2005|02:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so yesterday i didnt do shit all day and tom calls me at like 730 and tells me daves having a bonfire so im like shit i dont have a ride bro and so mike dear and dave come and get me lol why the hell would someone give those 2 a car but anyways they dont know what house mine is so they hold the horn down for like five minutes until i come down then we run to the gas station and 7-eleven to get tom a damn slurpee but me and dave end up drinking over half of it so on the way back some little kid is getting into this van so yell at him " bad kid your a bad kid now santa clause is gonna come to your house and shit under your tree and rape your dog " then we drive away really fast so when we get there only dallas john tom crystal and jen there so yeah we wait like a hour and then everybody starts showing up rodge,cory,missy,andy,pat,eric,jamie,cass,allen,rachel,kristina and alot more kids but it was pretty sweet so i realized this would be the first day in like 4 or 5 days that me and kristina havent went to taco bell so im like shit lets go man and shes like u want to and im like yeah so cory lisa rachel kristina and myself all get into her little ass car and go there i order our food in a homosexual voice and then cory orders a bunch of shit but he was just joking around but he forgot to tell me so i just end up eating it then we go back to daves and dave starts yellin at cory for being out front but wejust got back so it seemed sorta sketchy to me but ohwell then we left at like 11:45 it was a sweet nite

(3 * | Blamed It On Fate

[08 Jul 2005|04:25pm]
well things have gotten alot better lately ive been hanging out with kristina<3 and rachel alot which is sweet and todd and john so things are pretty sweet im making my ears bigger again 1 inch just isnt enough for me and im trying to talk my mom into letting me get my vertical labret pierced for those of you who dont know what that is click that ->http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/05-lips/A50708/high/bmegl092014.jpg yeah thats right it goes right through your bottom lip but yeah bill cosby is a nigger

(1 * | Blamed It On Fate

..................X marks the spot [05 Jul 2005|10:07pm]
[ mood | sad ]

so this whole lonliness thing is really starting to get to me i just really wish i would of had someone to hold while we watched the fireworks or have someone to be with this summer but yeah life is startin to suck for me lately alot of people blowing me off and alot of my old friends dont like to hang out with me cause of the music i listen to or the way i display my body so i guess they werent my real friends anways but they were still people to have fun with its really hard not having any guy like me that i can hang out with everyone is too into the scene now or too hardcore to want to hang out with a punk kid except for todd hes not gay but yeah definately not the summer i was looking forward too

(5 * | Blamed It On Fate

forever ends today [04 Jul 2005|09:41pm]
1. Who are you?
2. For how long have we been/are we friends?
3. What song reminds you of me?
4. What thought/ inside joke belongs to us?
5. What makes me unlike anyone you know?
6. What is my best quality?
7. How long have you known me?
8. Where do you see me in ten years?
9. What's one thing about me you don't understand, and wish you did?
10. How do you think I'm going to die?
11. What piercings/ tattoos do i have?
12. What's your favorite memory of a time we shared?
13. Tell me, am I a good friend?
14. Do you find me attractive?
15. Would you date me?
16. What's one thing you don't like about me?
17. Can you see us as friends twenty years from now?
18. Do I believe in God?
19. Do you think I care about you?
20. What would we do with a car full of gas and an entire day to ourselves?
21. What do I love?
22. What is/are my worst fears?
23. Do I smoke?
24. When you first saw/talked to me what was your impression?
25. Do you want to be with me?

(1 * | Blamed It On Fate

knuck if you buck [12 Jun 2005|06:56pm]
so yesterday i cant remember what i did and today i kicked my uncles ass at mini golf and skated a bit and yes doug is still a faggot

(1 * | Blamed It On Fate

holy shit, i love jesse so much [11 Jun 2005|10:16pm]
[ mood | blank ]

so its been a while since ive felt like a loser and had a live journal but its safe to say im a loser again so heres a list of people i think are gay

1) doug

ok so i guess its just doug but yeah...

friday = a fucking good day that really got me happy i had a half day so i told scibilia i needed to call my mom for a ride and i called todd and had him meet us up at coney island so i go up there with brittany todd ashley sara and dave and meet amil brandon paul gary and pat up there then everyone leaves and me todd and dave chill outside for a bit and then todd leaves and me and dave go skate with brian for a while til karen comes over then brian leaves and nate comes over and we skate then keith jp john and some other asshole comes by and i throw gum at johns face and what not then me and dave go to the gas station and pick up tricia and jesse and chill with them and go back to daves and skate and do other shit and then go up to my cuzins play and then i seen alex billy and ben then about 5 minutes later jessica ebonie mike and brittany come up there so it was pretty sweet then on the way out we see aragus steve remass and lisa so were all like yelling and shit then we cruise on over to the mall and i get some new kicks dc's fasho and then we leave and then we get to the parking lot and i hook up with tricia and jesse keeps coming over like a asshole and is like did u guys make out yet and then so im like go away or something and we give each other a kiss bye which was cute and then i go get in the car and im like dude this is so awesome it feels so right and then i reply to myself yeah mike it was gonna happen eventually anyway so then i go home smoke a squizurr and go to bed

and i...

MASTERBATED to tom cruise

jesse scroll down if tricia isnt looking...

jesse me and you are gonna hook up dont tell tricia but yes definately me and u uh uh uh oh yeah baby

(4 * | Blamed It On Fate

[10 Feb 2005|06:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]

whats up my niggas yo yo yo it be motha fuckin black history month fasho so we gots to show mad respect 4 our brothas and sag our pizants, n e wayz havent updated in a long ass time

this week has been quite weird totally forgot what i did up until yesterday i went and played pool with billy steve and jesse and ashley then we went to guitar center and steve played his drums forever and me jesse and billy played bass for a while then i kept telling ashley how much i hate black people in guitar center then me and ashley went to my house and shit

today i hung out with alot of my old friends well 2 so me and jp and sean chilled at jesses and skated a bit and made each other laugh everyother minute then im hanging out with ashley in a little bit


come in spittin
non written
got bitten
by a kitten
stole my mitten
now it aint be fitten
i was like oh no u didnt

my black pride^

(3 * | Blamed It On Fate

finally... [03 Feb 2005|08:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so today in school nothing cool happened i called tricia in school and left her a cool message with adrian josh caitlin and mike then i went home and had a house key made since i lost mine and then tony came over and so did nate and we watched grind and listened to music...

(Blamed It On Fate

TREE-SHAW!!! [03 Feb 2005|08:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today was like the best fucking day ever i went to school and got my algebra tests back and i got A's on both of them and thats a class im used to failing then i got a free A on the next science test cause me and mike and caitlin and lauren and josh and adrian won this quizbowl thing then the day was over and i went to jesses house and skated and i was landed all my tricks then ebonie comes over and chills with us for a little bit then tricia calls and says shes coming over so i go home and eat and make my bed and shit then she comes over and we go to diamond dot and she doesnt know which capgun she wants so we get them both and then i got a jones and then we walked to doughs and somewhere on the way i shattered the bottle and then called doug and told him that i have a surprise for him and this time it was not a penis in my hand and so when we got there we emptyed the cap guns out of the bag and im lie here doug and i chased him with the bag and he got scared of what was inside and after 20 minutes of that he asked me what it was and i said nothing then i loaded up the gun and yelled get down at him and shot him like 6 times in the face and yeah then we went to the thrift store and shot him with it once there and then we walked home and back to my house and then my cousin came outside and it was fuckign great until my dad said we have to go inside cause we were too loud so yeah that was gay then tricia had to leave so it was sad seeing that i only see her maybe once everyother week but i acutally got a hug this time then she left...

tricia ur so awesome im so glad i met someone like u i really hope me and u will have something soon i havent been this happy in forever and ur the one person who can truly make me laugh and ur fuckin great i <3 u

(1 * | Blamed It On Fate

today [01 Feb 2005|08:30pm]
today was sweet as hell went to school and called the oh so lovely tricia and left her a message of mrs scibilia talking then called other ppl and did the same thin then went to the dentist with my bro my mom jesse and paige then went to jesses and hung out with sarah steve and remass then went to the mall with steve and remass and jesse and seen dave there then went to hottopic to say hi to brittany and yeah i said yeah if hes gay im black and there was a black guy right behind me so im like yeah ill talk to u later and left i got some sweet 5/8's there though and they look sweet as hell then i went home and now im talking to tricia and i think im hanging out with her tomorrow im so excited...

(2 * | Blamed It On Fate

today... [31 Jan 2005|09:48pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

yeah well today sucked more dick than i thought was possible school was gay as fuck as always then i went and played pool with cory,amil,billy,greg,jesse,ebonie and steve which was sweet as hell then hung out at jesses then hung out with brittany and ebonie was sorta weird

(4 * | Blamed It On Fate

[30 Jan 2005|01:36pm]
[ mood | confused ]

last week was crazy i got grounded since i skip school like everyother day and the only person allowed over was brittany dont know why but im not complaining...

monday-hung out with jesse until my mom found out i skipped school then went home

tuesday-had to go to court everything went fine

wednesday-hung out with brittany and i think we made a bet about stealing harvard i won of course seeing that its my favorite movie

thursday-hung out with britt again then went to a play with my nay nay brittany my lil bro and my mother

friday- hung out with brittany and shit

saturday-slept til like 4 then played cards with my aunt bev aunt barbara my mom my dad my bro my nana

sunday-did nothing but im ungrounded as of tomorrow...

hey tricia ur a jerk :)

dont know whats gonna happen with this

(6 * | Blamed It On Fate

[23 Jan 2005|10:03pm]
HEHE Tricia is the coolest person in the world..
Cuz she did my journal..

*even though this is Tricia*

Hi mike :)

(1 * | Blamed It On Fate

[23 Jan 2005|08:54pm]
well today i hung out with brittany ebonie and jesse again then i ate dinner and played cards with the family...tomorrow could be my last day of school possibly for a few weeks up to 3 months i have court tuesday so i might not see any of you guys for a long time so wish me luck and whatever

...tricia im sorry were talking now and i might not see u for a few months but time can only make the feelings i have for you stronger

(4 * | Blamed It On Fate

last week [23 Jan 2005|01:05pm]
[ mood | confused ]

sunday- hung out with my lovely tricia finally it was sweet as hell shes the cutest thing ever,phone rang like everyother second though...

monday-hung out with brittany olkowski,ebonie,jesse,sara,and doug at dougs house

tuesday-hung out with brittany and ebonie again,then chilled with gary ebonie and brittany out front of ebonies house for like 182 hours

wednesday-hung out with gary and brittany and went to a bible study thanx to brittany it was sweet as hell i met some kick ass people there(kc,mikel,dan,jeremy,and sasha) it was pretty sweet and people had some sweet ass stories to tell

thursday-hung out with ebonie jesse and brittany and watched a movie...

friday-went to jesses house party thing with steve,ebonie,brittany,jesse,lonnie,steve,doug,tj,jackie and brittany...yeah steve and ebonie got drunk and did some stupid shit but its all good then me ebonie ,jesse,doug,lonnie,tj,and jackie played a game and people were losing clothes and shit it was sweet. poor ebonie had like nothing on then ebonie left and got hurt and shit so me and doug tried to make here feel better then we watched finding nemo for like 3 hours and doug fell asleep so i threw shoes at him and he walked home which is like 2 miles the kids hardcore

saturday-supposed to hang out with tricia but it snowed alot so me kevin and jesse went sledding with my dad kevin pushed jesse all the way down the hill and when he was almost at the topi pushed him back then we all went down at the same time and kevin fell off his sled and i hit his and made it fly into jesse,so kevin got up and tackled me and landed on like a 2 foot rock so i picked it up and put it in front of a run where the little kids went down then i went and hung out with kate ashley and sarah <3 and played in the snow and sarah pushed me so i pushed her back and she fell face first then me and sarah buried jesse it was great then we walked all the way to dougs in 2 feet of snow just so i could appologize so sarah went home and we chilled at dougs for a bit then went to jesses house and found out someone is a little whore and i was really disappointed in her and then talked to my best friend alyssa again for like the first time in 22 and a half years so that was cool then me and jesse made our 1230 wake up calls to people and yeah then passed out...

today- woke up and found out that i got 7 missed calls between 3:54 and 3:57 last nite 6were my x girlfreind and the other was doug thanx for bein my friend doug and telling her that i was talking shit about her such a good friend u are after i took like 45 minutes to walk to ur house in like the 2 feet of snow so yeah i had her bitching at me and im like i g2g i hate talking to her she says she still wants to be my friends but im used to her lying to me so i dont take anything she says serious then rebecca callsme and tells me to wuit callin her house at 2 in the morning and im like dude i didnt supposively she has caller id,what is she rich? so yeah she says her uncle will beat my ass who is like 30 sumthing and then shes like no i wont and im like yeah he wouldnt anyways then she said next time i do it shell put her dad on the phone so my response was ill ask how big his penis is lol

highschool is so gay alot of people are whores or are way into other peoples business people automatically think they have to grow up when they go to highschool fuck that

yeah keep calling me immature and childish thats why ur home every friday nite watching movies with ur parents id rather be immature than have no life like some of u so called freinds do

im really confused on what a couple of girls are feeling about me right now u know who you are so let me know so i dont get hurt...

how does it feel the same to fall in love or break things off and if young love is just a game then i must have missed the kickoff...

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